Our Work with Schools and Communities

Bank Street works with leaders from schools, districts, states, teacher preparation programs, and communities across the country to advance system-wide change and support capacity building at scale. Our work aims to improve the care and education of students from birth through higher education by strengthening and enabling the success of the adults who support them. Through partnerships and programs led by our Graduate School of Education and the Bank Street Education Center, we are building an evidence base to inform local practice and address some of the nation’s deepest organizational challenges currently hindering effective and equitable teaching and learning for all.

By tapping into the longstanding knowledge-base and expertise of Bank Street educators and leaders, we tailor our work to fit the distinct strengths, needs, and opportunities of program partners to help students thrive in school settings. Our work is grounded in Bank Street’s commitment to strengths-based, learner-centered, and equitable educational practices.

Bank Street Education Center

We partner with schools, school systems, higher ed organizations, and communities to disrupt inequity through system-level change to help design better educational experiences for both children and adults.

Center on Culture, Race & Equity

Center on Culture, Race & Equity

Partnering with educators, community members, and leaders to collaboratively shift beliefs, behaviors, and practices so that children of all backgrounds can thrive and realize their full potential

Teacher and young child reading together

Learning Starts At Birth

School system parnterships, girl with jigsaw puzzle

School System Partnerships & Programs

Creating lasting leadership and instructional change in school systems through strategic and professional learning services

Graduate School of Education

Our programs improve the quality of educator and leader practice across a range of settings in which adults and children interact and learn.

Emotionally Responsive Practice

Emotionally Responsive Practice

Providing ongoing professional development services and on-site consultations to help early childhood and elementary school teachers and leaders develop emotionally responsive school routines and curricula

Coach at Bank Street


EdPrepLab is a network of preparation programs that work together to create effective models for teacher and principal preparation.

Continuing Professional Studies

Continuing Professional Studies

Creating and leading customized short-format courses for individual schools to provide educators with practical teaching and learning strategies grounded in theory and research