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Mathematics Education in Argentina

Spend 10-days learning about K-8 mathematics education in Argentina

Bariloche Nearly fifteen years ago, a small collective of teachers and math educators in the southern city of Bariloche formed the Grupo Patagónico de Didáctica de la Matematica (GPDM). Co-directed by Ana Maria Bressan and Betina Zolkower, the GPDM focuses on improving mathematics instruction along the lines of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME). The collective work of this group of educators has included adaptation and classroom try-outs of RME-inspired curriculum materials as well as workshops and seminars for pre- and in-service teachers. Their work has reached widespread impact at the regional and international levels.

We will spend time in Buenos Aires visiting a variety of educators and schools that innovate their math teaching. Then we will have an intense four-day seminar in Bariloche, visiting schools, talking with teachers, and learning about the work of GPDM teachers and teacher educators. Many of the schools we visit will deliver instruction in Spanish, so bilingual and dual language teachers will find those experiences fully accessible. However, the work of these teachers is highly visual and contextual in nature, so teachers not proficient in Spanish will also learn from these school visits. All afternoon seminars with teachers will be conducted in English and there will likely be opportunity to visit a few schools both in Buenos Aires and Bariloche where instruction is delivered in English.

Over the course of their time in Argentina, educators will have the opportunity to compare a variety of school settings in Buenos Aires and Bariloche, while having rich conversations about high-quality elementary and middle school math teaching. They will return to their own classrooms with new ideas about the importance of rich math context, visual modeling, and classroom conversation.

Course Information

Program Name: Mathematics Education in Argentina

Program Dates: Summer 2019 or 2020

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Example Itinerary


  • 5th – fly overnight from U.S. to Buenos Aires
  • 6th – arrive in Buenos Aires, welcome and walking tour
  • 7th & 8th – visit schools and meet with educators in Buenos Aires
  • 9th – cultural day in Buenos Aires
  • 10th – fly to Bariloche, welcome and walking tour
  • 11th to 14th – visit schools in Bariloche in the mornings attend math-focused seminars with teachers and teacher leaders in the afternoons
  • 15th – fly to Buenos Aires, school visits in Buenos Aires
  • 16th – cultural day in Buenos Aires, fly overnight to U.S
  • 17th - arrive back in the U.S.