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Submission & Approval Process for Independent Studies: Instructions for Students

  1. All Independent Studies must meet the Criteria for Successful Completion of the Independent Study on pp. 11-12 of the latest Guide to the Integrative Master's Project as well as the Checklist of Requirements for Independent Studies. Once you have done so, you are ready to submit a final draft.
  2. Forward your Independent Study as a Word document to your mentor with the completed checklist and Independent Study Cover Sheet attached.
  3. If your mentor agrees that your Independent Study needs no further editing, s/he will notify you to convert it to a PDF document which you will then forward back to your mentor. Your mentor will then process the PDF for storage and submit your Independent Study, along with the Approval Form of Independent Study** to the IMP database electronically, to confirm that you have satisfactorily completed the IMP requirement.

*Once the document opens in another tab, click the download icon on the upper right corner to download the PDF to your computer in order to fill in the form.
**Mentors can access the Approval Form of Independent Study through my.bankstreet.