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Barbara Biber Convocation

Biographical Note

Dr. Barbara BiberDr. Barbara Biber (1903-1993), who was born in Brooklyn, first attended Barnard College and then graduated from the University of Chicago. She received a Ph.D. in psychology in 1942 from Columbia University. Barbara Biber joined the staff of the Bureau of Educational Experiments in 1928 and became one of its key members, serving on the Working Council and the Executive Committee and in numerous other policy-making and administrative capacities. She became chair of the Studies and Publications Committee, precursor of the Research Division, in 1933 and served as chair of the Research Division until 1963. That year she was named Distinguished Research scholar at Bank Street and continued her research in mental health and child development. At the end of the 1960's Dr. Biber began devising the basic principles for federally financed day care and Head Start programs. At the age of 80, she completed Early Education and Psychological Development (Yale University Press, 1984). She also was co-author of two books reporting major research studies: Child Life in School (1942) and The Psychological Impact of School Experience (1969). Biber continued to play a role at Bank Street until her death in 1993.