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Certification at a Glance

Certification in New York State is not an automatic process. You must complete all of your Bank Street master’s degree requirements and submit a Graduation Application to the Registrar’s Office for degree completion. After you graduate, you will apply for your certification online, and Bank Street will recommend you through TEACH.

Liberal arts and science prerequisites

  • Complete any liberal arts and science prerequisites as soon as possible. Contact David Bryant in the Registrar's Office at 212-875-4527 or if you have questions about these requirements.

Fingerprinting >>

  • Since fingerprinting is required for fieldwork, you must schedule an appointment with MorphoTrust at

Mandated workshops >>

  • Complete the three courses listed below. These state mandated workshops are required in approved programs registered with the New York State Department of Education where graduates are eligible to be certified in New York State. They are all offered to matriculated students (that is, those accepted into programs) at no cost. For more information regarding Bank Street's Graduate School's specific policies around our state mandated workshop offerings, please visit the Registrar's webpage.

    • Child Abuse Identification and Reporting
    • School Violence Prevention and Intervention Training (SAVE)
    • Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)

New York State Certification tests >>

Applying for Certification

  • Upon graduation

    After you officially graduate, the Registrar’s Office will send you your Student Application Information Form. This document contains all the exact personal information you need when you apply for certification online. When you graduate, Bank Street will automatically recommend you for both initial and professional certification for the certification(s) that your Bank Street program leads. Bank Street is unable to recommend you for professional certification for certifications which you held prior to your matriculation at Bank Street. Contact your prior college’s Certification Officer.

  • Initial certification

    Initial certification requires no teaching experience. The initial certification is valid for five years. For the certification to remain valid after that time, the individual must apply for professional certification.

  • Professional certification

    Professional certification requires three years of paid, full time, head teaching experience. It is valid continuously, as long as the holder of the professional teaching certificate completes the professional development described below.

    To earn professional certification, you must complete the requirements for the initial certification, and three years of head teaching experience, with one year as a mentored experience:

    • Three Years Teaching Experience - this includes teaching experience in public and private schools, part-time or full time, per diem and long-term substitute teaching, and in-state or out-of-state teaching. The TEACH system is used to report this work.*
    • Mentored Teaching Experience - an individual employed in a public school district should receive mentoring in the first year of teaching. You are exempt from this requirement if you have had at least two years of teaching in a public or private school under an initial certificate. To get credit for your mentored year, you must complete and submit this form.
      • Private school teachers are not required to have the mentor experience but must contact the state after applying online for professional certification to meet the mentoring requirement. Send an email to

    To maintain Professional certification, individuals must complete 175 hours of professional development every five years. This work maintains the validity of the professional certificate in good standing and allows the certificate holder to continue to teach.

    *Assistant teaching experience does not count.

  • Can I be certified before completing my program?

    New York State does offer the two-year Internship Certificate Credential to students who are halfway through their programs and have jobs in schools. Flyers are available in the Registrar’s Office and in the Office of Graduate Admissions. Teach for America students who came to Bank Street through a Trans B certification are not eligible for this credential.

  • Applying Online for New York State Certification

    Pathway: State Approved Preparation Program

    READ CAREFULLY! The process of applying for a New York State Certificate occurs via TEACH; the online certification database. TEACH enables you to set up a profile and maintain your record as well as apply for certification. Follow the steps outlined in the instructions to create your account and apply for your certificate. Do not create a new account if you already have one! Read through all of the steps before you begin the process so that you know what materials you will need to input the information required.

    Step-by-step instructions >>

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Application Based on Bank Street Degrees

    Once I graduate, how do I proceed with certification?

    Bank Street will send you a graduation packet with detailed information to help you apply online for your certification(s), including detailed instructions. You can download these Certification Instructions. (pdf)

    Note: These instructions only pertain to certification that you will earn based on your Bank Street Coursework.

    Instructions >>

  • Submitting Other Applications

    I want to get certified in another state, what do I do once I obtain New York State Certification?

    You must contact the relevant State Department of Education for details on requirements and application procedures. Certification regulations vary by state, so it is best to obtain the information well in advance of the intended program completion date.

    I am certified in another state, what do I do to obtain New York State Certification?

    You must apply online via the TEACH system via the Pathway: Interstate reciprocity. Reciprocity is only for the academic work, and does not cover state tests. Bank Street has compiled an instruction sheet (pdf) to help with this process.

    Please see The New York State Ed website for states that have reciprocity with New York.

    How do I use my Bank Street degree to move my initial certification to a professional certificate?

    Bank Street can only recommend a student for certification based on coursework that was completed at Bank Street.

    If you apply for certification individually, you must still apply via TEACH, but you will select a different pathway for evaluation. You will select Certificate Progression and must submit all official transcripts to the state along with the Verification of Mentor Experience form.

    More information >>

  • Getting Certified in New York through Reciprocity

    If you intend to enroll in a single certification program in areas such as special education, literacy, or curriculum and instruction, you must have a valid New York State certificate in general education. If you hold a certificate from another state, you can apply for New York certification through interstate reciprocity. We urge you to begin the process as soon as possible, as it can take many months to complete your part, and then the state needs time to process and review your completed application.

    Instructions >>

  • Reciprocity with Other States

    New York has reciprocity with many other states. Individuals wishing to be certified in other states should investigate the process in the desired state since each state has different procedures. Exams are not reciprocal so you will need to meet any exam requirements required by the state in which you wish to be certified. Obtaining certification in New York using a certificate from another state requires an application via the state’s TEACH database. You can access TEACH at

  • More questions?

    Please send an email to