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Application Based on Bank Street Degrees

Once I graduate, how do I proceed with certification?

Bank Street will send you a graduation packet with detailed information to help you apply online for your certification(s), including detailed instructions.  You can download these Certification Instructions. (pdf)

Note: These instructions only pertain to certification that you will earn based on your Bank Street Coursework. Those who have prior certifications, see below for instructions.
Please note that certification recommendations requested on or after May 1 will be honored following the Spring Bank Street Commencement, beginning on or about June 1.

What is my program code?

On your Student Application Information form (sent in your graduation packet), the program code is the 5 digit number that appears before your Bank Street program.

What if I enter my program code and get an error?

Remember, this code only applies for the certificate(s) that your Bank Street program is registered for.  Any other certification application should not be submitted using this code.

Should I apply for initial or professional certification?

Professional certification requires three years of full time head teaching experience including a mentored experience in your workplace. NOTE: The mentor year cannot be your Bank Street fieldwork year.  If you do not have this, you should apply for initial certification.  You will have five years to get the experience required for professional certification. 

Where can I get the Verification of Mentor Experience form for professional certification?

Please visit 

Where do I send my Verification of Mentor Experience form for professional certification?

New York State Education Department
Office of Teaching Initiatives
Room 5N, Education Building
Albany, NY  12234

Do I need to submit my transcripts to the state?

For certifications issued based on your Bank Street course work, no.  If you have a prior certificate or would like to obtain another certification, official transcripts are required.

What if I don’t get three years of experience by the time my initial certificate is expiring?

You must apply for a time extension through the TEACH system.  If you are applying for an extension on the basis that you have not completed your master's degree, you must develop a written plan, signed by your advisor describing how you will complete the academic requirements for this Master's degree prior to the expiration of the time-extended certificate.  You must also submit official transcripts to the state.  Send supporting documentation to:

New York State Education Department
Office of Teaching Initiatives
Room 5N, EB
Albany, NY 12234

I am an international student.  What certificates can I obtain?

Non-citizens with permanent residency status may be able to obtain the full range of certificates. Non-citizens without permanent residency status may be eligible for time-limited certificates.

How can I teach in a public school before I complete my program?

Students who have completed at least half the credits of their programs and who have a job offer from a school are eligible for the Internship Certification Credential.