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COS: Council of Students

How can I keep in touch with COS?

The current COS leaders are Nicholas Berry and Jane Moskowitz.

For the latest Council of Students events and information, follow @bankststudents onTwitter and Facebook.

You can also reach us at

Bank Street Anti-Racist Allies

Bank Street Anti-Racist Allies is a student group working to address issues of privilege and prejudice and support community-wide conversations and actions about racial justice at Bank Street and the wider community. The group currently holds monthly community conversations - check Facebook or Twitter for dates and locations. Recent topics have included how to address protests and policing in the classroom, and how to talk to children and colleagues about race.

What is COS?

COS stands for Council of Students. Graduate students, that is. COS is an open-membership organization headed by a chair or co-chairs, who have volunteered to represent the concerns of Bank Street’s diverse graduate student body. Our primary mission is to make life better at Bank Street--for graduate students, and everyone else in our community!

COS accomplishes this by facilitating dialogue between Bank Street’s graduate students and the larger community in a number of ways. For example, members act as student liaisons between the Bank Street graduate students and:

  • The Bank Street administration
  • The Bank Street faculty & staff
  • The Bank Street continuing education department
  • The Bank Street facilities staff
  • The greater Morningside Heights community
  • The greater NYC educational community
  • The national network of Bank Street alumni

Members also meet monthly to discuss and plan a variety of events and initiatives. In the past, students have helped to organize:

  • Each One Teach One, a yearly showcase of collective educational expertise within the graduate student body and beyond
  • Orientation presentations to welcome new students
  • Affinity groups and advocacy groups, such as the Bank Street Anti-Racist Allies
  • A rotating showcase of graduate student art
  • Regular happy hours and field trips to build community at Bank Street and beyond

Each One Teach One

Each One, Teach One is an annual event hosted by the Bank Street Council of Students (COS) to facilitate the sharing of ideas, research and experiences with graduate students, Bank Street faculty and staff, and School for Children teachers and parents.

  1. Experiential Fair: This "Experiential Fair" will feature various activities, experiences, and developmental platforms that are meaningful for children. You will be able to stop by, stay for a few minutes, learn, share, and then move on to another table or display.
  2. Mini-Workshops: There will be three sections of 25-minute workshops. It will be set up like a conference, where you will select a workshop and stay for the duration. After lunch on your own or in a small topic focus group you can attend an hour workshop to dive a bit deeper into a subject area.

For further details of Each One Teach One 2014 >>>

How can COS help me?

If you are a graduate student at Bank Street, COS can:

  • represent your interests in conversations with the greater Bank Street community
  • connect you with other students who share your interests
  • help you realize your ideas for improving life at Bank Street
  • facilitate free space rental for student activities
  • provide co-sponsoring funds for graduate student-led events
  • lend COS leadership expertise to your project

If you are interested in becoming a member of COS at Bank Street, COS can:

  • teach you new skills in social media, marketing, event-planning and professional development within the context of making life better at Bank Street
  • provide reimbursement for your investment in the Bank Street community by providing you with a voucher for continuing education class credits based on your volunteer hours
  • give you a great line item for your future teaching resume
  • provide you with great opportunities to connect with like-minded community-builders at Bank Street!

Student Trustee

The student trustee attends all scheduled meetings of the Bank Street College of Education Board of Trustees. She/he will be expected to provide a student perspective when pertinent issues are in front of the Board. The student trustee also gathers and shares information from and for the graduate student body by reporting to and hearing from students. In addition, she/he will work with the Council of Students (COS).

The student trustee is elected to a one-year term. Elections are held every spring for the following academic year.

Qualifications: Applicants must be in good standing with a minimum of one year of study remaining at Bank Street. She/he should be interested in issues of governance and in advocacy on behalf of fellow students. Excellent speaking and organizational skills are essential. Applicants cannot be in staff positions at Bank Street.