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Saturday Math

Saturday morning seminars for teaching professionals — Sponsored by the Leadership in Mathematics Education Program

2016–2017 Schedule

Saturday Math

10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m for all Saturdays
Registration 9:30 am, $10 registration fee at the door

October 22, 2016
Developing Problem Solving Strategies and Habits of Mind

In this session we will explore, reflect on and refine our own problem solving strategies and habits of mind. By engaging in the work of problem solving as adults, we will consider how to foster flexible and powerful problem solving in our students.

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December 3, 2016
Using Routines to Develop Students' Mathematical Reasoning

By carving out just ten minutes each day, teachers can effect dramatic change in students' ability to move beyond computation to reason mathematically. This session will explore several flexible routines that can be used with students in elementary and secondary mathematics.

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February 4, 2017 & March 4, 2017
Teaching Towards the Big Ideas in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics

Teaching towards deep conceptual understanding in mathematics means teaching towards big mathematical ideas. When teachers can understand and name these big ideas in their curricula, they can help students do the same. This two part series will help teachers understand the developmental trajectory of critical big ideas in mathematics, such as equivalence, utilizing and proportional reasoning.

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These sessions are open to all. Reservations are required.

Printable flyers (pdfs) to distribute!

2016-2017 Saturday Math Overview and Schedule

For those who teach...

Sponsored by the Leadership in Mathematics program, four Saturday morning sessions a year are held on topics relevant to all who teach and learn mathematics. Teachers, coaches and administrators from the tri-state area meet for coffee, bagels and a facilitated session on a selected topic in the teaching of mathematics.

The sessions consist of activities and discussion and often provide resource materials. There is ample opportunity to share ideas and concerns with other professionals. Topics may be curriculum specific ("Making the Fraction, Decimal & Percent connection") or instruction specific ("Teaching Mathematics in the Inclusion Classroom").

About the Lead Facilitator

NonePresently, Michael Cassaro supports graduates of and current students in the Leadership in Mathematics Education program as they facilitate these carefully crafted Saturday Math sessions.

Michael consults with schools, districts and universities across the tri-state area and advises and teaches in the Leadership in Mathematics Education program at Bank Street College. He believes that mathematics is a thinking, sense-making endeavor. When we seek to understand how mathematical ideas are connected to each other and in the world around us, mathematics becomes an entirely new type of pursuit. By modeling a learning posture, Michael invites all participants into the conversation about growing our practice. It is through this shared dialogue that we become better teachers, leaders and learners.

When not discovering math with his toddlers, Michael can be found with his friends and family – telling stories, breaking bread, and attempting to keep a large biodynamic garden.