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2017 Language Series: November 10 and 11

Save the Date!

Mark your calendars! The 18th Annual Language Series will be November 10 & 11, 2017.

NoneMultiliteracies: Accessing Content and Language in Diverse Ways

Featuring keynote presentation by Detra Price-Dennis,
Elementary & Inclusive Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

Workshops will include:

  • SOUNDS IN MOTION: Using Body Movements to Train Auditory Perception, Language, and Early Literacy
    with Frances Santore, MA, CCC-SLP
  • The Many Languages of Block Building: Creating spaces for emerging literacies
    with Rebecca Burdett, Bank Street College of Education, Studies in Education, ’99

Highlights from Language Series 2016

Building on students’ linguistic and cultural assets for academic success

Language Series

The 17th Annual Language Series was held on November 18th and 19th, 2016 and featured a keynote presentation by Ofelia García.

The Language Series supports educators in understanding the critical role that language plays in the social and academic success of all students. The focus of the Fall 2016 Language Series was on how to use the social language of our students for academic language development. By building on students’ linguistic and cultural assets, the school community both strengthens and affirms the social language that students bring to school. This creates a strong foundation for academic language development. A strong predictor of academic success is the ability of a teacher to draw upon a student’s background and social language. If done well, this serves as a bridge to developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of content knowledge and academic language.

Some of the questions explored:

  • How can we create classroom and school environments that celebrate students’ linguistic and cultural assets?
  • How can we honor and utilize the linguistic resources that students bring to school to negotiate and acquire academic content?
  • How can we provide multiple points of access to the curriculum through rigorous cognitive engagement?
  • How can we design curriculum that encourages students to use their home and school language(s) to make meaning?

Dr. Ofelia García was our keynote speaker on Friday night. Saturday workshops with experienced practitioners and researchers inspired and engaged through hands-on activities. Participants took away concrete ideas for immediate implementation in their settings.

Come and re-energize your practice by learning from the experts in the field at next year's event. They will share multiple ways to create and support social and academic language growth in today's diverse educational settings that include English as a new language (ENL) learners as well as English native speakers.


We thank the NYS Statewide Language Regional Bilingual Education Resource Center (RBERN) at New York University for sponsoring our 2016 Annual Conference with its special support of 20 teachers and student teachers to attend the conference.