Strategic Plan

A plan tells the institution’s story—where it is today and where it is heading. Like a good story, as Lucy Sprague Mitchell said in 1916, a plan begins with the familiar, but it does not rest there. It points out, away from the immediate toward the future.

In today’s competitive and global world, strategic plans provide both direction and vision.  Imagining the future of Bank Street—our Children’s Programs, the Graduate School, and the emerging new initiatives—require looking back and looking forward.

Three priorities—which I describe as challenges — define our agenda for the future.

Bank Street College of Education believes in the lively interaction of its three core elements:  early childhood learning, preparing the very best teachers, and developing creative leaders for neighborhood schools and learning centers.  In the years ahead, fresh ideas will come from all corners of our community—including not only our faculty, but our trustees, students, existing partners, and new allies.

We are fortunate to have a Bank Street when so much work is needed to protect children and learning that lasts.