Sarika Gupta

Senior Researcher, Straus Center for Young Children & Families

Sarika’s research and practice center around the belief that all children, regardless of their ability level, have the right to access and participate in general education settings. She examines factors such as leadership, well-being, and reflection in her scholarship that influence the quality of teachers’ inclusive practices within early childhood settings. Her work, therefore, spans a focus on self to systems and includes creating safe spaces to reflexively explore one’s positionality.

Sarika’s prior teaching experiences have included teaching young children, 0-5, with and without disabilities in regular and inclusive settings, coaching Head Start teachers, and preparing teachers in blended early childhood education / early childhood special education programs across several institutions of higher education. She has provided technical assistance to state departments of education, managed mixed-methods evaluations of statewide early learning programs, and consulted with program leaders on the implementation of preschool inclusion. She recently served a 4-year term as Associate Editor of Young Exceptional Children, a peer-reviewed journal that features translational articles bridging empirical research to everyday practice. She is currently Principal Investigator on a mixed-methods research project examining disparities in New York City preschool program ecologies, equitable referrals, and inclusive practice.

Recent Publications

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Ph.D. Special Education, University of Maryland, College Park