Letter to the Editor

This winter, room 407 in the School for Children has been working on writing opinion letters to share their thoughts with a wider community. To date, students have written letters to their favorite children’s authors, to TIME for Kids, and to the New York City Mayor, among others. (Note: the Letter to the Editor below has been modified for grammar and punctuation by the editors.)

SFC Room 407 smiles for a picture outsidePeople are always not wearing masks and I am tired of it!!! A mask protects you from COVID-19, and unless you want to get COVID-19, keep it on when you are around others, keep it on when you go to the store, keep it on when you are walking around the block, or wherever you are! Trust me, COVID-19 is dangerous, and you should be wearing a mask! If you’re afraid of the flu, you should be afraid of COVID-19. It is just like the flu—the flu is a virus and so is COVID-19!!! It is not even a [reasonable] request to take it off, it will protect you and many others. COVID-19 is real and all these people want to help you, like doctors and nurses, but you need to do your part!

Briana, 9/10s Student (Grade Four)
Bank Street School for Children