Snapshots of Practice

Bringing Joy to Uninspired Teachers of Math

This publication explores how to inspire teachers to find the joy in math so they can help their students do the same. Through a variety of tools, techniques, and helpful hints, the resource illustrates what high quality math instruction looks like and how teachers can reframe their own thinking about math to create deeper learning opportunities for their students.

This resource outlines eight Touchstone Strategies for teacher educators to use in their work with math teachers. View them below or download the full publication

Introduction (pdf)

Touchstone Strategy #1 (pdf)
Math Autobiography

Touchstone Strategy #2 (pdf)
“Do” Math

Touchstone Strategy #3 (pdf)
Collaborative Math

Touchstone Strategy #4 (pdf)
Honoring Mistakes

Touchstone Strategy #5 (pdf)

Touchstone Strategy #6 (pdf)
Work a Problem to Death

Touchstone Strategy #7 (pdf)
Non-Dominant Language

Touchstone Strategy #8 (pdf)
Concept Teaching Games

Conclusion (pdf)