Snapshots of Practice

Midtown West: The Restaurant Study

Bank Street faculty and staff regularly work in partnership with public schools to support teachers and leaders in sustaining and strengthening their progressive educational practice. At Midtown West, a public elementary school founded in 1922 as a collaboration between parents in New York City’s District 2 and Bank Street faculty, Peggy McNamara, Chair of General Teacher Education at Bank Street Graduate School of Education, has worked as a coach and thought partner with teachers across every grade.

During the 2016-17 school year, Peggy had the opportunity to work with two first grade teachers who met regularly to plan emergent curriculum, reflect on their practice, and surface the challenges and rewards of leading a public school classroom. Over the course of developing and teaching one signature Midtown West curriculum unit called “The Restaurant,” we followed Peggy and their teachers as they made teaching decisions to engage and educate students through a study of food and community.

The Restaurant Study (pdf)

“Planning” an Emergent Curriculum (pdf)

Collaboration and Collegiality (pdf)

Supporting the Teacher Team (pdf)

Emergent Curriculum and Teacher Teaming at Your School (pdf)

Midtown West Reflections (pdf)