Board of Trustees

The Bank Street College Board of Trustees is the governing body for the College, and is the key policy-making structure for the institution. There are 30 members including the President of the College and five Associate Trustees. It has an Executive Committee and 10 additional committees.

The Board meets four times a year supported by the more detailed work of its standing committees that meet throughout the academic year.

Trustee designations:

  • Life trustee
  • Statutory trustee, and
  • Non-statutory trustee (this includes student-associate, parent-associate, and faculty-associate trustees).  

Trustee meetings are often focused on a specific topic permitting a more detailed conversation of a strategic issue. Recent topics have included Bank Street Online and the Bank Street Bookstore.

Statutory Trustees

  • Ferrell-Brown, Yolanda, Chair
  • Asnes, Anthony SFC ‘75
  • Chakrapani, Jay
  • Chambers, Tiffani
  • Childs, Suzanne
  • Cole, Jonathan
  • Comer, Bettye R. Fletcher
  • Fennimore, Tom
  • Friedman, Felice GS ‘76
  • Gund, Sarah GS ‘73
  • Hamilton, Victoria
  • Kaplan, Sue, Vice Chair
  • Lerer, Kenneth B.
  • Litke, Adam H.
  • Mayer, Christopher
  • Moser, Joel H.
  • Nettles, Michael T.
  • Parsons, Dr. Laura
  • Pforzheimer, Elizabeth S.
  • Pinnavaia, Sandra
  • Polakow-Suransky, Shael*
  • Shutkin, Anne V., SFC ‘95
  • Stein, Howard S., Treasurer
  • Straus, Lynn G., Vice Chair, GS ‘57
  • Sussman, Jeffrey I., Vice Chair
  • Whitney, Kate R., Secretary
  • Zlotowitz, Debbie

* President serves as ex officio

Associate Trustees

  • Black, Chris, Student Assoc. Trustee
  • Gorton, Jody, Parent Assoc. Trustee
  • McKersie, Ali, Staff Associate Trustee
  • Young, Rose Klein, Parent Assoc. Trustee
  • Walsh, Mollie Kruger, Staff Assoc. Trustee

Life Trustees

  • Scurria, George P., Jr.
  • Stevens, Margaret L., GS ‘77