The Bank Street College Board of Trustees is the governing body for the College and the key policymaking structure for the institution. There are 35 members, including the President and five Associate Trustees. The full Board meets four times a year. It has nine standing committees, including an Executive Committee, and two subcommittees that meet throughout the academic year to engage in more detailed work.

Statutory Trustees
  • Anthony Asnes, SFC ’75
  • Charles Bendit
  • Kristin Black
  • Jay Chakrapani
  • Jonathan Cole
  • Nancie Cooper
  • Paul Ellis
  • Yolanda C. Ferrell-Brown
  • Ofelia Garcia
  • Russell Granet
  • Victoria Hamilton, Chair
  • Margaret Honey
  • Kristen Kane
  • Christopher Kellen
  • Fern Khan
  • Shilla Kim-Parker, SFC ’96
  • Kenneth B. Lerer
  • Lisa Lewin, Secretary
  • Adam H. Litke
  • Rebecca Mai
  • Marianna McCall, GSE ’23
  • Shael Polakow-Suransky, GSE ’00, ex officio
  • Barbara A. Schatz
  • Anne V. Shutkin, SFC ’95
  • Jeffrey Q. Smith
  • Howard S. Stein, Treasurer
  • Jeffrey I. Sussman, Vice Chair
  • Wendy Van Amson
  • Carlos Velazquez, GSE ’16
  • Debbie Zlotowitz, GSE ’90
Associate Trustees
  • Melle Powers, Parent Associate Trustee
  • Jody Feldman, Parent Associate Trustee
  • Sara Kliger, Staff Associate Trustee
  • Mark Nagasawa, Staff Associate Trustee
  • Alexis Armistead, Student Associate Trustee
Trustee Emeritus
  • George P. Scurria, Jr.
  • Kate R. Whitney