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Gabriel Guyton


Academic Interests

Caregiver mental health, Early Education, Inclusion, Infant and child Mental health, Infant and Toddler Development, Reflective practices, Teacher education, Trauma and resiliency, Working with families

Some of the Values that Shape My Work

The core principle that drives my work is that all children have inherent potential that we, as a society, must acknowledge, respect, and celebrate. All children, wherever they are born and whatever their developmental trajectory, have the right to seek their fullest potential with the support of caregivers and teachers that understand the complexity and importance of early childhood. I am deeply committed to and a passionate advocate for inclusive, progressive education as a way to provide the greatest opportunities for success for all children.

As an instructor, my goal is to foster my students developing as teaching persons. Being a teacher is about more than mastering a series of skills and techniques (though these are, of course, critically important) – it is about learning who we are and how our interactions with children, their families, and the classroom shape children’s developmental environment. Working with graduate students at Bank Street, I seek ways to deepen their skills of observation and reflection, to foster in them an ability to consider their own backgrounds, goals, and values while developing informed intentionality in working with the children they serve. At the same time, in an intertwined process, students cultivate an attitude of compassionate curiosity about other people, supported by a deepening capacity to observe, inquire, listen and analyze. This is the basis of an ability to do more than tolerate others’ viewpoints, and instead, to learn to engage others richly, and in this way to grow together.

Work with Families, Children, Schools, and Communities

Work with children (ages birth to 5), families, and teachers in childcare programs, schools, homes, and community settings; work with families under significant stress in underserved communities; work with and support professionals.

Recent Professional Contributions

  • Zero To Three National Training Institute. Annual Conference 2015. Presentation: “Innovative Strategies for Creating Cultures of Reflection: Moving from informing to transforming practice.”
  • The Progressive Education Network National Conference. Annual Conference 2015. Presentation: “Access to Progressive Education: Exploring the Possibilities of Inclusion.” 
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences Summit, Conference 2015. Presentation: “What do I do when I am feeling blue? Supporting teachers mental health.”
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Annual Conference 2013. Presentation: “What do I do when I am feeling blue? Supporting teachers mental health. 
  • NYS Assoc. for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference 2012. Presentation: “Seeing red or feeling blue: helping toddlers manage BIG emotions.”
  • Western Regional Early Childhood Conference 2012. Workshop: “What’s  Cookin’?  From ants on a log to playdough: cooking with young children.”
  • Bank Street Infancy Institute Conference 2012. Workshop: “You and Me and Toy Makes Three: using toys to support infant-toddler learning and development.”

Educational Background

  • M.S.Ed., Infant & Parent Development & Early Intervention/Early Special and General Education, Bank Street College of Education
  • M.A., Psychology of Counseling, Humboldt State University
  • B.A. Psychology, University of North Carolina at Asheville
  • Infant, Toddler, and Family Specialist Certificate

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Guyton, G. (2011). Using Toys to Support Infant-Toddler Learning and Development. Young Children, 66(5), 50-56.
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Contact me:

(212) 875-4670
610 West 112Th Street,
New York, NY 10025