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Liberty LEADS

Liberty LEADS at Bank Street College is a New York City–based high school completion and college access program that has served more than 1,500 students between 5th and 12th grade since 1989. Founded to empower underrepresented youth, our program makes an impact in the lives of students every day by helping them attain higher education, embrace leadership engagement, and create a positive future for themselves and others.

Group shot of Liberty LEADS students outside

Empowering Students in New York City

We strive to provide local students resources and supports to help students from underserved communities in New York City succeed in both school and life.

At a Glance

  • 92%
    Of Our Students Are Eligible for Free/Reduced Price Meals
  • 54%
    Of Students Come from Households Where English Is Not the Main Language Spoken
  • 90%
    Students Were Admitted and Started College
  • 96%
    Students Have Graduated from High School on Time
Three Liberty Leads students standing outside of the Liberty Suite.

History of Liberty LEADS

The Liberty LEADS Program brings together two well-established Bank Street initiatives. The Liberty Partnerships Program began at Bank Street in 1989 to ensure that underserved youth complete high school on time. In 2000, the Institute for Leadership Education Advancement and Development (I-LEAD) was founded to prepare promising high-achieving students from under-resourced parochial schools to become competitive applicants for admittance to selective colleges and universities.

In 2005, these two programs merged and Liberty LEADS was born. Today, we are able to support all types of learners through a holistic approach implemented in a strong, supportive environment.