Our Program

Our Impact

Liberty LEADS students:

  • Stay with us: Our program has maintained a 90% retention rate since 2004.
  • Graduate: Since 2004, 95% of our students have graduated from high school on time.
  • Matriculate into college: An average of 90% of our students have matriculated into college since 2004.
  • Complete college: 57% of our students have completed college, while 15% are still in school.

Student Population At a Glance

  • 83%
    Are Eligible for Free/Reduced Price Meals
  • 72%
    Come from Homes Where English is not the Main Language
  • 5%
    Are Current or Former English Language Learners
  • 18%
    Have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

Jerrel R. Burney Liberty Leads Alumni '95 -'01
Alumni Voices
Liberty LEADS is a one-stop shop for education, fun, social development, and a loving community. I benefited in many ways. On Saturday mornings instead of cartoons at home, I attended classes for environmental science, creative writing, and cultural exploration. During the week I went in for tutoring and SAT Prep. I was paired with a mentor and I served as a peer leader. I remember going to school because I had to, but rushing to Liberty because I wanted to.
Jerrel R. Burney, Liberty LEADS '01