Language Series Twitter Chat

Monday, September 28, 2020 - Friday, October 2, 2020
All Day

Twitter: @bankstreetedu

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Language Series Twitter Chat 2020

Join us for an upcoming Twitter Chat starting Monday, September 28 through Friday, October 2. Carla España, Bank Street Language Series Coordinator and Instructor, Dual Language Bilingual & TESOL Programs, Bank Street Graduate School of Education, will be taking over Bank Street’s main Twitter account (@bankstreetedu) to engage with users around topics in language learning through an anti-racist lens, which will be further explored at this year’s Language Series on October 24.

See below for the list of questions that will be discussed. Please be sure to use the A1, A2, and A3 format in your responses and include the hashtags #BankStreet and #LanguageSeries. If you want to share a link or drop box file but the link is too long, use or

Carla is excited to chat with you!

Q1: How do we create community with our #bilingual and #multilingual students in our learning spaces?
Q2: What are some ways schools can partner with families and communities to grow deep relationships and support the learning experiences of language-minoritized students?
Q3: How do we respond to deficit views of students’ language practices that do not conform to White Mainstream English?
Q4: What are your favorite ways to encourage students’ multiliteracies?
Q5: How does translanguaging—as the way bilingual/multilingual students communicate, as a teaching method, and as an approach to social justice in education—show up in your teaching?
Q6: What are the ways you address anti-Black linguistic racism in your learning spaces?
Q7: What are your go-to professional learning resources (books, webinars, organizations, videos) to learn about disrupting monolingual spaces, creating translanguaging spaces, and affirming the identities and learning processes of bilingual and multilingual students?

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