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Thursday, October 17, 2019
7:20 PM EDT - 8:20 PM EDT


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Language Series Twitter Chat

Join us for an upcoming Twitter Chat led by Carla España, Bank Street Language Series Coordinator and Instructor, Dual Language Bilingual & TESOL Programs, Bank Street Graduate School of Education. Carla will be taking over Bank Street’s main Twitter account (@bankstreetedu) to engage with users around topics in language learning that will be further explored at this year’s Language Series on October 26.

See below for the list of questions that will be discussed. Please be sure to use the A1, A2, and A3 format in your responses and include the hashtags #BankStreet and #LanguageSeries. If you want to share a link or drop box file but the link is too long, use or

Carla is excited to chat with you!

Q1: Name one way you try to get your students excited about language learning.
Q2: What is one piece of advice you’ve received that has guided your approach to Bilingual / Multilingual / TESOL education?
Q3: Fill in the blank: Language learning is (or should be) _________ because __________
Q4: How can dance, movement, or other art forms support language development for students?
Q5: What is transformative about bilingual dual language education? What is challenging?
Q6: Is there a specific moment you witnessed remarkable language growth in your setting?
Q7: For those of you who are attending the Language Series, what are you hoping to gain from this year’s conference?

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Carla España