[WEBINAR] – Transforming Teacher Preparation To Best Serve Students

Tuesday, July 27, 2021
2:00 PM EDT - 4:00 PM EDT


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[WEBINAR] – Transforming Teacher Preparation To Best Serve Students

Gone are the days when we could expect future teachers to enroll in a college of education directly after high school, earn their license, and teach for the rest of their professional lives.

New “fast track” routes into the profession have emerged that, given their lower costs and time investments, have been particularly appealing to non-traditional teaching candidates, including many people of color. Teachers who have taken fast track routes, however, often struggle to gain their footing in their first years on the job and quit teaching shortly after. While this combination of insufficiently prepared teachers and constant turnover is a headache for school and district administrators, the repercussions for students are lifelong.

But what if there was a sustainable way to recruit and retain a more diverse set of teachers, especially ones from the local community, while simultaneously ensuring that their training adequately prepared them to be successful in leading student learning and led them to remain in the profession? We invite you to join New America and Prepared To Teach for a webinar event where we examine why transforming teacher preparation must be a national priority now and explore how to make high-quality teacher preparation a sustainable reality through practices and policies at all levels.

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