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Sustainable Funding Project

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The Sustainable Funding Project (SFP) was launched by Bank Street's Division of Innovation, Policy and Research to address a significant problem in public education: how to ensure all aspiring teachers matriculate through affordable, high-quality programs so that every teacher enters the profession prepared for the demands of 21st century classrooms. 

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The Sustainable Funding Project’s first report offers a framework to address challenges of pre-service clinical practice, in-service school improvement, and the professionalization of teaching in an integrated, mutually beneficial way through deep partnerships between providers and school districts. 

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Right now, there is a unique opportunity to build support for pre-service teacher residencies in states across the country. As State Educational Agencies (SEAs) are developing new, ESSA-aligned plans, residencies that meet school and distric needs can be incorporated into those plans as an allowable use of funds.

The Sustainable Funding Project has created a brief, 3-page document summarizing this opportunity.

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