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Liberty LEADS Transition Program Prepares Students for Success in High Performing High Schools

Liberty LEADS Transition Program

On Tuesday, December 2nd, high school applications were due for all students who wish to attend a New York City public high school this coming fall.  Liberty LEADS students begin preparing for high school as early as the fifth grade in order to secure their spot in the school of their choice. After hours of research, school tours, testing, auditions, and interviews, students can now relax until early March when results are scheduled to be released. 

Liberty LEADS' Middle School to High School Transition Program allows students to prepare years in advance and ensures each student is applying to the best match school for them. In an article released by the New York Times last week, Sean Corcoran, Associate Professor of Educational Economics at New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, described his research on low achieving students, who are disproportionately poor, and the high schools they choose to attend. He found most students prefer to go to schools that are close to home. Unfortunately, schools located in impoverished neighborhoods are often underperforming. Researching schools is very labor intensive, and poor and immigrant children in particular do not have the support needed to find better options. We are proud of the work we do here at Liberty LEADS. Each year we provide our students with the tools they need to make informed decisions. The New York Times article highlighting the disparities in high school education, which can ultimately determine the trajectory of a students path in life, only energizes us to expand our reach. As mentioned by the President of our Institution in his message to the community, "we have the ability to build resources and partnerships to create action". Throughout this year, we will be working to do just that. Stay tuned for updates on our work ahead. 

As for our current students, we could not be more proud of their hard work and persistence. We led the way, but they made the investment. They followed up for support and showed resilience during each step of the process. Throughout the remainder of the year, our eighth grade students will have access to a variety of academic and enrichment classes, including Weekend College, which is an eight month series of academic courses, including writing workshops that emphasize both written skills and creative expression, and an experiential Math and Science class that prepares them for the academic rigor of high school and beyond. Our students deserve a roaring round of applause for their upbeat, can-do attitudes during an extremely stressful time.

Bank Street Center for Leadership and College Preparation

Bank Street's Liberty LEADS program offers a comprehensive set of educational programs designed to meet the cognitive, social, and personal needs of students, beginning in grade five through their final year of college. Liberty LEADS' holistic approach allows students to discover their strengths and talents, challenge themselves, take ownership of their education, and expand their horizons beyond what they had ever imagined possible.

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To provide all underserved and underrepresented youth with access to the resources necessary to realize their potential and make positive contributions to society.

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To empower underrepresented youth by helping them attain higher education, embrace leadership engagement, and create a positive future for themselves and others.