Our Impact

The goal of Liberty LEADS is to empower underrepresented youth to become lifelong learners and worldwide community role models by helping them attain higher education, embrace global leadership engagement and create a positive future for themselves and others.

Every student who graduates from the program demonstrates the skills and attributes necessary to succeed in college and the workplace by becoming lifelong learners and embracing global leadership engagement. Liberty LEADS’ graduates have gone on to become engineers, fashion designers, actors, entrepreneurs, teachers, public administrators, environmental technicians, doctors, and neuroscientists.

The Facts

Our Program

The Outcome

65% of students in New York City graduate from high school on time. 1

66 % of students go to college after completing high school.2

Liberty LEADS provides academic social and social/emotional support through help of advisors, teachers, and social workers.

94% of our students graduated from High School on time.

100% of students that applied to college were accepted.

63% of Black and Latinos males in New York graduate from high school.3

Liberty LEADS students participate in programs such as Adventure Based Counseling that are geared toward boys’ development through physical and emotional challenges.

93% of our male students graduated from high school on time.

1% of students in the US study abroad 4

Liberty LEADS prepares students to participate in academic, leadership, and community service programs across all 7 continents. 

60% of our high school students study abroad and visited the following countries: France, South Korea, Argentina, Botswana, South Africa, Germany, Peru, Spain, China, Thailand, Mongolia, and the Navajo Nation.

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