Best Spanish Language Picture Book List & Award

Selection & Criteria

The Children’s Book Committee recognizes the importance of high-quality reading materials for Spanish language, bilingual, and transitional elementary school programs. The Best Spanish Language Picture Book Award is meant to encourage publishers to create high-quality materials in Spanish for children in bilingual and transitional programs, as a guide for parents.


The Best Spanish Language Picture Book award will be given to a children’s picture book displaying:

  • Accurate portrayal of the experience of a segment of the Spanish-speaking world
  • Sufficient detail giving the reader a greater insight into Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, or Latinx culture in the United States
  • Culturally authentic text and artwork
  • Engaging style and rich language
  • Appealing illustration which enhances text
  • Invites interaction and stimulates conversation
  • All genres considered: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, folklore
  • If non-fiction, sourcing should be age appropriate following  CBC guidelines