Best Spanish Language Picture Book Award

Selection & Criteria

The Children’s Book Committee  has recognized the importance of high quality reading materials for Spanish language, bilingual and transitional elementary school programs. In creating the award, the prize is meant to encourage publishers to create high quality materials in Spanish for children in bilingual and transitional programs, as a guide for parents.


The Best Spanish Language Picture Book award will be given to a children’s picture book displaying:

  • Accurate portrayal of the experience of a segment of the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Sufficient detail giving the reader a greater insight into Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, or Latinx culture in the United States.
  • Culturally authentic text and artwork
  • Engaging style and rich language
  • Appealing illustration which enhances text
  • Invites interaction and stimulates conversation
  • All genres considered: Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, folklore
  • If non-fiction, sourcing should be age appropriate following CBC guidelines