Bank Street Hosts Conference on ‘Safe and Sound Schools’

Catie Huennekens

On December 7, Bank Street’s Center for Emotionally Responsive Practice (ERP) hosted over 175 educators at a conference titled “Our Community of Safe and Sound Schools.” The day featured workshops on coping with trauma in schools and building a deep understanding of the social and emotional foundations of children’s learning. It was the first in what will become an annual event at Bank Street.

Lesley Koplow, GSE ’79, directs ERP at Bank Street and delivered the conference’s keynote. “Teachers and leaders in schools, Head Start programs, and child care centers have an opportunity to connect and learn from each other within this community of practice. We believe that supporting the emotional well being of children, teachers, and parents in early childhood and early grades settings is a core element of best practice,” she said.

The conference is the main event of the Safe and Sound Schools initiative, which also offers other levels of support to participating programs.