SFC Alumni Detail Their Journeys at Bank Street and Beyond in Panel Discussion

On Tuesday, February 9, seven School for Children alumni participated in the “Story Bank: A Conversation with SFC Alumni” panel discussion in which they shared first-person perspectives about their experiences at and beyond Bank Street.

Upper School Coordinator Javaid Khan, SFC ’88, moderated the conversation, which featured Anna Daddazio, SFC ’12; Nikolas Fredriksen, SFC ’12; Liam Daly, SFC ’12; Annie Coombs, SFC ’95; Evan Jenkins, SFC ’93; Anna Lefer Kuhn, SFC ’89; and Jodie Patterson, SFC ’84. The diverse group was made up of educators, social justice advocates, entrepreneurs, architects, and high school students preparing for college.

“Every year, a different group of SFC alumni returns to Bank Street for this event, and every year, we are amazed and inspired by their thoughtful, articulate reflections on how Bank Street helped them to become themselves,” said Carla Scheele, Director of Endowment & Special Gifts at Bank Street. “Each alum is unique, but they all share a passion for growing as human beings and for serving their communities, which are values that continue to inform Bank Street’s work with children and families today.”

The panelists spoke about their favorite teachers at the School for Children, how Bank Street classrooms nurtured their strengths, what it was like leaving and transitioning into high school, and where they are now in their current work. The group represented several generations of Bank Street, but their stories and perspectives were similar in fabric and speak to the enduring values that Bank Street was built on.

“At Bank Street, you learn by doing,” said Anna Lefer Kuhn. “You have to work collaboratively with people and that requires the ability to listen and engage a diverse set of folks. I think that’s an incredible skill and you realize further in life that not everyone has it.”

The video below offers a look into how Bank Street has made an impact in the lives of these alumni and explores the ways in which a Bank Street education has shaped their place in the world today.