The Family Center on Teaching & Generosity

teachers painting chairsGenerosity is central to our work at the Family Center. Our classroom teachers are generous with their time, skills, information, and kindness. We try to parallel our teaching process with children with the way we are with each other. In being present and intentional, we become even more generous with our kindness, allowing our skills, energy, and compassion to spread further — throughout the center, to our incredible staff, therapists and families; to the greater Bank Street community and to the community at large.

As we close our 2014-2015 year we were given an opportunity to be generous to a small non-profit organization in midtown Manhattan that works with children and families with disabilities. Adaptive Design Association (ADA), has for 17 years supported children with disabilities all over the world to reach their full potential by providing them with the adaptations they need to succeed–and exceed limitations.

Gabriel Guyton and Virginia Casper donated money in the name of the wonderful Family Center staff, knowing they would want to join efforts to support this organization that uses cardboard (that’s right, cardboard!) to make adaptive items (like chairs and headrests) for children who need them. This brilliant low cost solution enables so many in need to get the tools that change their lives.

The Adaptive Design fundraiser is called: Chair-A-Thon. Money was donated to ADA in the name of the Family Center. At our end of the year staff party we painted 30 little cardboard chairs representing our generosity to the organization. See below.