Our Work with Apprenticeships

Action Research Fellowship

Bank Street invites leaders from early childhood apprenticeship programs in the United States to apply for the Apprenticeship Action Research Fellowship, which supports program leaders in identifying and applying new approaches to strengthen the quality of professional learning in apprenticeships.

From October 2023 through May 2024, selected participants will be guided through a process of action research that combines thought partnership with individualized support to surface innovative practices, spark new ideas, and make connections to experts in the broader field. Through this engagement, participants will learn how to apply Bank Street’s evidence-based principles for adult learning and teacher preparation to early childhood apprenticeship programs. Over the course of the fellowship, participants will join eight convenings and monthly individual coaching sessions to support them in designing and/or implementing a new approach toward:

  • Enhancing and growing on-the-job learning support, such as coaching, mentoring, and director support for center and family-based child care, or
  • Advancing other innovative ideas to strengthen apprenticeship programs and the field of early childhood at large

To learn more, register for our upcoming information session on July 10 at 3:30 PM ET.

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Program At a Glance

  • Our Work with Apprenticeships

    Apprenticeship programs offer the opportunity to earn credentials and degrees through meaningful coursework combined with robust on-the-job learning experiences. Through our Community of Practice, we have identified high-quality aspects of existing early educator apprenticeship programs, like opportunities for reflective practice and job-embedded support. By focusing on these areas, programs can enhance outcomes for both apprentices and the children and families they work with.

    To learn more about Bank Street’s approach, please read Opportunities for Reflective Practice in Early Childhood Apprenticeships, which provides examples of job-embedded support in action in apprenticeship programs.

  • Fellowship Overview

    Over an eight-month period, the Action Research Fellowship will provide a space where administrators of early childhood apprenticeship programs can build a deeper understanding of the challenges they face in their programs and explore promising solutions. The fellowship will provide participants with:

    • A network of colleagues and subject-matter experts who are committed to further developing a racially diverse, well-prepared, highly skilled, and well-compensated birth-5 workforce
    • A platform to explore and work to understand challenges of early childhood apprenticeship programs using the thought partnership, research, and connections that Bank Street provides
    • Coaching support to guide the implementation of the action research cycle
    • Time and space to reflect and grow professionally alongside a community of like-minded peers
  • How to Apply

    To apply, program leaders should submit an application by July 20, 2023 demonstrating their interest and outlining an area for investigation or inquiry for action research.

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    • Participants do not need to have formal research training or background to participate. Action research is designed as part of a continuous improvement cycle to support implementation and planning as it takes place.
    • Programs can be at any stage of development to apply—design, early implementation, or with a track record of success.
    • The selection process will prioritize those who have been part of Bank Street’s Community of Practice but will include new participants who are ready to study or build their apprenticeship program design.
    • Candidates should commit to full participation in all convenings and coaching sessions. All sessions will be held virtually to provide broad access to the opportunity.
      • Sessions will be held from 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM ET on the following dates. These dates/times may be adjusted as needed to accommodate the needs of the selected cohort. 
        • October 12
        • November 9
        • December 7
        • January 11
        • February 8
        • March 7
        • April 11
        • May 9
    • To support engagement, selected participants will receive a stipend of $600 to share across a team of up to two people per program after completion of key milestones.
    • Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of completion from Bank Street.
    • Through this work, Bank Street will begin to compile a set of recommendations for apprenticeship programs across the country. Participants will be asked to share results at several stages during the program and some may be invited to participate in webinars or presentations at conferences.