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    Tracy Fray-Oliver, Senior Associate Vice President of the Bank Street Education Center, was featured in a New York School Talk blog post titled “In Yonkers, Teachers Leaders Are ‘The Unit Of Change’: A Report From the Field.” In the post, she reflects on the center’s work with Yonkers Public Schools to help more Black, Latino, and low-income students complete 8th grade math. Read the blog post

    Shael Polakow-Suransky, GSE ’00, President of Bank Street College, penned an opinion piece summarizing our nation’s early child care crisis and outlining immediate next steps toward improving the quality of care provided to our country’s youngest children. Read the op-ed

    Emily Sharrock, Deputy Executive Director of the Bank Street Education Center, co-authored a blog post on Education Post on July 19, 2018 exploring how the New Haven Children’s Ideal Learning District partnership is working to transform the early care and education landscape of New Haven, CT. Read the blog post

    Doug Knecht, Executive Director of the Bank Street Education Center, published the article “Schooling For and With Democracy,” in the Spring 2018 issue of Schools: Studies in Education, a University of Chicago publication. Read the Article (pdf)

    Tracy Fray-Oliver, Deputy Executive Director of the Education Center, and Josh Thomases, former Bank Street Dean, co-authored an op-ed in SmartBrief titled “Walking the Walk,” which highlights the Education Center’s recent work supporting four urban school districts in New York State to improve instruction. Read the op-ed

    Executive Director Doug Knecht was featured in an Education Week blog post called “Creating Coherence: Central Office to Teacher Teams and Their Students.” In the post, he discusses how to promote coherent education systems in which everything works together to support teachers and students. Read the blog post

    Doug Knecht was also featured on an episode of the Student-Centered Learning Podcast, discussing why it is important for school systems hoping to implement student-centered learning be coherent in terms of systems, structures, and culture. Listen to the podcast

  • Additional Resources

    Tracy Fray-Oliver Presents at Gates Foundation Networks for School Improvement Convening
    This video shares a presentation by Tracy Fray-Oliver, Senior Associate Vice President, Bank Street Education Center, on the center’s first year of work with Yonkers Public Schools to help more Black, Latino, and low-income students complete 8th grade math.

    Implementing NH ChILD: A Comprehensive Approach to Professional Learning to Reach All New Haven Early Childhood Educators (pdf)This report outlines the beliefs, commitments, and plan for action with respect to NH ChILD’s citywide efforts for in-service professional learning for adults working with children ages 0-8, which serves as a model for systems-level professional learning.

    Coaching: How a Focus on Adult Development Leads to Improvements in Student Learning (pdf)
    This publication documents the professional learning processes, tools, and activities used by Bank Street facilitators in their coaching work with teachers and leaders and brings to light what strengths-based, developmentally meaningful teaching and learning looks like for both adults and children.

    District-Wide Instructional Initiative Framework (pdf)
    This booklet provides educators with a closer look at how four school system components can contribute to supporting effective improvement strategies at scale: leadership vision and commitment, change management structures, intentional and adult learning experiences, and evidence-based at student-focused decision making.

    Throughline of Teaching and Learning Overview (pdf)
    In our school system partnerships, we strive to create a “throughline” from the central offices to the classrooms where professional learning is happening at the central, school leadership, and teacher team levels.

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