Emotionally Responsive Practice...

...at Bank Street

Emotionally Responsive Practice at Bank Street builds on the well-documented connection between emotional well-being and learning potential to collaborate with early childhood and elementary school programs to develop emotionally responsive school routines, curriculum and adult-child interactions throughout the school day. The program provides ongoing professional development services and on-site consultation to early childhood and elementary school program collaborators.

ERP Uses Research Based Practices

ERP is built on a deep knowledge of child development, research on the effect of social and emotional experience on the developing brain and the documentation on the positive effects of working partnerships between educators and school based clinicians. ERP approaches have been developed over years of experience with school based intervention and have been published in three books written by ERP Director Lesley Koplow: 

ERP Addresses

  • Development of emotionally responsive classroom and school routines
  • Enhancing supportive teacher-child interaction
  • Development and implementation of emotionally responsive curriculum to address unresolved issues and enhance children's attention and motivation for learning.
  • Implementation of techniques to promote community and address peer issues in early childhood and elementary grade classrooms

Guidelines for talking about safety drills

Lesley Koplow's guidelines for talking about safety drills in your classroom