Snapshots of Practice

Learning to Teach: Observing and Reflecting

Teacher helps student writeThis video series provides a platform for professional development in early childhood education. It introduces viewers to compelling early childhood classroom footage accompanied by facilitated discussions about observations and teaching practices. Viewers will get a hands-on look at how beginning teachers learn to closely observe children and engage in reflective conversations about children, materials, the classroom environment, and themselves.

This series begins with an introduction from Nancy Nager, Course Instructor at Bank Street College of Education and features three parts: classroom routines and transitions, dramatic play, and early materials and movement. The content enacts two essential elements of Bank Street College’s teacher education pedagogy: close observation and reflective practice.


Nager. N. Learning to teach: Observing and reflecting. [Video]. Retrieved from

Introduction by Nancy Nager
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Part One: Classroom Routines and Transitions
Explores how an early childhood classroom functions with the support of routines and transitions
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Part Two: Dramatic Play
Examines what happens when children engage in dramatic play
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Part Three: Early Childhood Materials and Environment
Focuses on open-ended materials, such as paper, scissors, and crayons, and how children work with them in the classroom
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