Snapshots of Practice

Progressive Leadership Group: Democracy in Schools and Classrooms

The Progressive Leaders Group, led by Anthony Conelli, Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership, brings together Bank Street alumni in leadership positions and other progressive leaders in the tri-state area to analyze and discuss challenges that school leaders grapple with in schools and organizations.

In the Progressive Leader Group’s second meeting, the committee explored the concept of democracy in schools and classrooms. Participants were asked to tell a story about a time they participated in a democratic experience by explaining what happened, how the felt, and what they learned. This Snapshot of Practice includes eight audio files.

Introduction by Anthony Conelli (audio)

Student Ownership Drives Work (audio)

Methods to Meeting Challenges (audio)

Coaching (audio)

Restorative Practices (audio)

The Democratic Experience (audio)

Tension of Trust (audio)

Closing Remarks by Anthony Conelli (audio)