Human Resources

Policies & Procedures

Bank Street College of Education has established policies and procedures to ensure that our community is welcoming and inclusive.

We believe that productive and meaningful work must take place in an atmosphere of unfettered inquiry and freedom of expression, and that such inquiry and expression are possible only in a community founded on mutual respect and tolerance practiced by students, faculty, and staff alike.

For this reason, our policies set standards for the reporting of campus incidents to protect the rights of employees and families; to provide appropriate access to communications and technology; and to strive to keep the campus safe.

  • Background Check Policy

    Prior to an offer of employment, Bank Street College will request and contact work-related references supplied on the Application for Employment form, which must be completed by all applicants and new hires. If you are offered employment, the Application, along with other required information will become part of your permanent Human Resources file.

    Due to the nature of the College’s business of working with children and students, a background check is required by law. Prior to an offer of employment, an applicant must agree to a background check and be found clear of criminal convictions for the last seven years and have no sexual offenses. A conviction will not necessarily result in a denial of employment.

  • Conflict of Interest Policy

    It is the policy of Bank Street College that its trustees, officers, faculty, and staff acting on its behalf have the obligation to avoid ethical, legal, financial, or other conflicts of interest and the appearance thereof, and to ensure that their activities and interests do not conflict with their obligations to the College or to its welfare.

    The Trustees and Officers of Bank Street have affirmed their acceptance of the policy in writing. Faculty and staff who believe they have outside interests or activities that may conflict with the interest of Bank Street are expected to consult with the Chief Human Resources Officer and the appropriate dean. If necessary, final decisions on conflict of interests situations will be made by the President.

    Staff members should avoid external business, financial, or employment interests that conflict with the school’s business interests or with their ability to perform their job duties. This applies to their possible relationships with any other employer, consultant, contractor, customer, or supplier.

    Violations of this rule may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

  • Equal Employment Oppportunity

    It is the policy of Bank Street College to afford equal opportunity at its locations to all employees and applicants for employment on a non-segregated basis and without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, alienage, pregnancy, arrest or conviction or conviction record, partnership status, status as a victim of domestic violence or stalking and sex offenses, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, citizenship status, disability, union affiliation or non-affiliation, or any other basis protected by federal, state, or local law, as well as to employ and advance in employment qualified disabled veterans.

    The College will take affirmative action to ensure the fulfillment of this policy, which pertains to:

    • The recruitment, advertising, and/or solicitation for employment
    • All hiring, placement, changing of status (upgrading and downgrading), and transferring of employees
    • The establishment and payment of all rates of pay or other forms of compensation
    • The selection of employees for training programs
    • The treatment of employees with respect to other terms and conditions of employment
    • The layoff and recall of employees and/or termination of employees

    The objective of the College is to employ and promote individuals qualified and/or trainable for its positions of employment by virtue of job-related standards of education, training, experience, and personal capabilities. Employment decisions will be made to further the principle of equal employment opportunity.

  • Sexual Harassment

    Bank Street College of Education is committed to assuring all staff members a bias-free work environment. Consistent with Bank Street’s respect for the rights and dignity of each staff member, illegal harassment will be neither sanctioned nor tolerated.

    View our Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy and Complaint Form (pdf)
    View our Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy and Complaint Form (Spanish pdf)