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As a Matter of Policy Bank Street College has an historical and philosophical commitment to encourage diversity in our student body, staff and programs. As a matter of policy, and as required by law, we do not discriminate in admissions decisions or in educational programs or activities on the basis of color, creed, ethnicity, handicap, gender, age, marital status or sexual orientation.

CPS students are expected to observe the College’s Professional and Academic Standards as outlined in the Graduate School Catalog.

Registration Fees

    • Tuition & fees are subject to approval by the Bank Street College Board of Trustees.
    • Registration received after the posted registration deadline is subject to a $25 late registration fee.
    • Courses taken for credit include a nonrefundable registration fee. The registration fee in any one semester is $50 for 1 to 3 credits, and $100 for 4 or more credits.
    • Students taking courses in both the Graduate School and Continuing Professional Studies (CPS) should combine credits taken with each in calculating the applicable registration fee.
    • There is no registration fee for courses taken for CEU.

Tuition Reduction

Alumni/Members of Professional Associations:

A tuition reduction of 30% ($1030 per credit) applies to alumni and members of professional associations. Reduction applies to credit tuition only, not CEU, study abroad tuition or any fees and can not be combined with other promotions.

  • Alumni, note your status on your registration form or contact us at upon registration. 
  • Members of professional associations, include a copy of your membership card with your registration form. (Or fax a copy to us immediately after you register online, 212-875-4777.

Group Discount

Register six (6) staff members from the same school for the same course and choose your discount:

  • Send a seventh (7) staff member free or
  • Deduct $50 off the non-credit tuition rate for all 6 staff members (applies to workshops of $405 or more)

This discount must be noted on the registration forms, which must be submitted at the same time, and may not be combined with other promotions. Discount is subject to change without notice. (Discount can not be applied to SPED585N: The Essential Orton-Gillingham, TEWS693N: Sounds in Motion, TEED654N: The Reggio-Emilia Approach, TEWS500N: SMT on Child Abuse Identification,  TEWS501N: SMT on School Violence Prevention, or TEWS708N: Dignity for All Students.)

CTLE Sponsor #1321

Bank Street College is a registered sponsor of New York State CTLE hours. As of March 1, 2016 A registered holder of a professional classroom teaching certificate, educational leadership certificate, or Level III teaching assistant certificate is required to successfully complete 100 clock hours of acceptable CTLE during the registration period (ever 5 years) if they practice in a NYS school district or BOCES. See course descriptions for CTLE hours.


Changes of Registration
    • Changes must be submitted in writing to the Continuing Professional Studies office no later than one week preceding the first class meeting date and are subject to a $15 fee. No withdrawals / refund / transfer requests will be accepted after that time.
    • Change from credit to CEU / Audit will be accepted up until (but no later than) the beginning of the second class session.
    • Change from CEU / Audit to credit will be accepted up until (but no later than) 5 business days after the last class session. Changes require approval of the instructor and CPS office.
    • Only the student named on the registration form may attend a course, should a school wish to send another staff member in place of a registered student, there will be a late registration fee ($25) as well as a processing fee of $25.
    • Should an emergency prevent a student from attending a workshop, a full refund will be processed upon receipt of a written request and documentation of the emergency. (Emergencies are defined as unforeseeable situations that require the registered student's immediate attention.)


Attendance at all class sessions is required. A student who misses the first class session, may not attend future class sessions. Refunds or transfers are only processed in case of emergencies. (See emergency policy, above, under Changes of Registration.) For exceptions, both the instructor and the Continuing Professional Studies office must grant permission.

  • Children are not permitted in class and may not be left unattended on Bank Street College Property.
  • State Mandated Trainings: No one will be allowed to participate in any of the State Mandated Workshops after the posted start time. Latecomers, and those who did not complete the online component of the DASA workshop by the deadline, are not eligible for a transfer or refund. View emergency policy here.


For courses taken for one credit must be postmarked two weeks after the final class meeting. Courses taken for two or three credits must be postmarked four weeks after the final class meeting.

Grading & Incompletes

For courses taken for credit grades are defined as follows:




Very good




Acceptable achievement


Below minimum for good academic standing






Very poor


No Pass


Incomplete: Work not submitted by "Grades Due" date (see below for Bank Street's Incomplete policy.)


Enrolled. Grades for the course have not been submitted. Please note: Graduate School and CPS grades are entered and mailed separately. If you took a Graduate School course, you will receive another grade report when those grades are entered.

For workshops and courses taken for non-credit:

AT Student attended non-credit bearing workshop
NT Student did not attend non-credit bearing workshop Z Grade not submitted by instructor (This is a temporary indicator only. It is replaced by an actual grade when grades are submitted.)


Incomplete Grades

Students are expected to complete the work for credit-bearing courses two (2) weeks from the end of the course for one (1) credit courses and four (4) weeks from the end of the course for two (2) or three (3) credit courses. If a student finds that s/he is unable to finish assignments by the due date, s/he must request a grade of Incomplete (IN). Failure to request an incomplete, may result in a failing grade (NP). Incomplete grades are granted at the discretion of the instructor. If granted, the student and instructor must agree on a final due date for submission of the outstanding work. To receive credit for the course, the student must complete all requirements by the date set. Extensions are limited to:

Fall courses: June 1st of the following year
Spring courses: January 1st of the following year
Summer courses: January 1st of the following year

If work is not postmarked by these due dates, the Incomplete is changed to No Credit (NC).

  • In exceptional circumstances, non-matriculated students may petition the CPS Review Committee for additional time to make up incomplete work. The CPS Committee will notify the student in writing of approval or denial of their request. Upon approval, students are required to pay $25 processing fee. In some instances the student may be required – in addition to making up the assignment – to repeat the class work, in which case there may be additional fees.
  • In exceptional circumstances, matriculated students may petition the Committee on Academic Standing for additional time to make up incomplete work. The Committee, in consultation with the specific course instructor, will decide whether any additional time, not to exceed the subsequent semester, will be granted.
  • Student should bear in mind that excessive incomplete grades may interfere with satisfactory progress toward their degree and jeopardize their academic standing (see Satisfactory Academic Progress toward the Degree, above).

Transcripts & Letters of Attendance

  • Grade reports are issued after the end of each semester. Students who must have their grade before that time may request an early grade report by notifying both the CPS office and the instructor at the time the course is given.
  • For an official transcript, students must submit a written request to the Registrar's Office at 212.875.4406. Students requesting official transcripts should confirm that their grade has been entered before ordering.
  • A no-credit letter of attendance may be obtained by submitting a written request to the CPS office, along with a $7 check or money order.

Cancellation of Courses

All courses are subject to minimum enrollment. When courses are cancelled by the College for any reason, students may transfer to another course or receive a full refund. CPS reserves the right to cancel any course for which there is insufficient enrollment and to withdraw or modify course offerings. Course locations, fees, and instructors may also be changed when necessary.