Family Center

Message from Our Director

Director of the Family Center, Jeannette CoreyThe Bank Street Family Center lives its name in so many ways.

We are a family of programs—a child care center, a Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) Program, a Preschool Special Education Evaluations Site, and a constellation of grown-up and child playgroups.

In each of these programs, we put our connection to families first. We recognize how deeply important it is to honor each child’s family and to connect and partner with family members in meaningful ways.

We are a family of learners—children and adults together—who believe that learning happens within caring relationships that recognize each person’s strengths.

Our family has shared values: that learning should be active, experiential, and joyful, and that we have a responsibility to support one another in meeting both our individual and collective goals.

You have a difficult decision to make as your family chooses how to best support your young child. The Bank Street Family Center provides children and families with a nurturing early environment that emphasizes getting to know all community members as individuals and offers each family a unique experience that meets its needs.

Thank you for your interest in Bank Street’s Family Center. We look forward to welcoming you into our family.

Warm regards,

Jeannette Corey
Director, Bank Street Family Center