Room 1 in the Family Center

Head Teacher Michael Amaral

Michael Amaral, assistant teacherMichael earned his B.A. in Psychology at Hamilton College. He worked with children with autism and those with social-emotional needs before moving to New York City to start his graduate degree in education at Bank Street College. Once at Bank Street College, Michael taught at the Family Center and in parent-toddler playgroups in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He recently graduated from the Infant & Family Development/Early Intervention & Early Childhood General & Special Education program at Bank Street.

Alayne Stieglitz – Assistant Teacher

Elizabeth Ocampo, Intern

Liz OcampoElizabeth earned her B.S. in Early Childhood/Childhood General and Special Education at Manhattan College. She worked with children with different developmental variations in public schools and SEIT programs. Currently, she is working towards her Masters in Infant and Family Development/Early Intervention at Bank Street College.

This will be Elizabeth’s 2nd year at the Family Center to continue her professional development in Infant and Family development. She is finishing her final year in the graduate program. After graduating, Elizabeth intends to continue working with children 3 years and under while pursuing a Ph.D. in Infant and Early Childhood Development.

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The Sound of Music

Children of all ages are naturally drawn to music. Infants coo at lullabies, toddlers bang on pots and pans with wooden spoons, and preschoolers sing and dance to music.

Children learn a variety of skills from musical experiences. Shaking, tapping, and beating instruments enhance fine motor development. Children listening for a beat, the sounds of different instruments, tunes, and lyrics are developing auditory discrimination.

Kids can experience the emotional effects of music by listening to and creating music that is soothing, exciting, or funny. Music promotes creative development as children experiment with new rhythms, sounds, and movements.

We are offering experiences of music through singing and instruments. During circle it is so fun to play drums and shake shakers. Best of all we have Betsy, the music teacher come to our classroom on Wednesdays and we go to her music room on Thursdays.