Bank Street Library Blog

Library Blog Archive 2009-2018

Our old Library blog still exists on the web and is accessible at Bank Street Library Blog but with the advent of the new website we decided to migrate to this in-house blog.

A walk down memory lane will show you that we started our old blog way back in March 14, 2009 and our first post was on a Law & Order SUV film shoot in our stacks – what a day! Apparently, the film scout liked our floor-to-ceiling stacks, which when you come to think about it is quite rare. Our last true post was on an upcoming Presidents’ Day holiday, February 14, 2018.

This blog continues to focus on addressing everyday issues on making the most of the Bank Street Library. If you are interested in all things children’s literature, please head over to the Bank Street Center for Children’s Literature Blog (or the CCL Blog for short).