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How to WiFi Print From an iPhone and iPad

It is now possible to print using Bank Street’s WiFi network. You must be a graduate student and have a PaperCut account. If you are a parent or visitor ask for a print card at the circulation desk. Open the document you want to print on your mobile device. Look for a way to share your document, mostly it will be three small dots on the top right hand corner of your screen, or depending on the app it may be a small square box with an arrow pointing up.

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WiFi Printing

If you want to print an assignment from your own device (i.e., laptop or mobile phone), it is now possible with WiFi printing. You only have to set up your device once. Here are the instructions for a MacOS laptop. Make sure you are connected to a Bank Street WiFi network.

GS Student Survey 2018 blog
Library Spaces

Graduate Student Library Survey 2018

The Graduate Student Library survey was distributed through email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The Library sent two email blasts with a high rate of response. The survey ran from November 1 through December 7, 2018. The 17 question survey covered demographics, satisfaction, and priorities for the next two years.

Library Spaces

The Wellness Room

The Library’s recent graduate student survey showed that many of our patrons did not know we have a Wellness Room, also known as the Prayer Room. The Wellness Room is right down the back of the Library. Enter the Library and keep walking past the circulation and reference desks, keep walking straight and you’ll soon see a room with a grey door and the words Wellness above it. You have arrived!