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APA 7th Edition Cover Page

Title Page Components

In the past APA didn’t really pay much attention to student papers, but in APA7 they have been explicit about how to create that perfect paper (it’s a simplified professional paper). In this blog post we’re just going to look at cover pages for an assignment.

No Running Head

A running head has never been required at Bank Street, although many students have placed then in their assignments and Integrated Master’s Projects (IMPs).

Sample Cover Page


Making Books in the Elementary Classroom


John Student

Childhood General Education: Bank Street College of Education

EDUC 500-B1: Child Development

Janet Instructor

March 18, 2020

  1. Start page numbering top right-hand corner. 
    • The title page is always number 1
  2. Make the title short and clear
    • Start 3-4 lines from the top of the page
    • APA7 suggests a title of no more than 12 words. 
    • Capitalize any word 4 letters or more in the title.
  3. Student’s name. 
  4. Add program + Bank Street College of Education
  5. Instructor full name 
  6. Add the date the assignment is due
  7. The entire assignment should be written one of the following fonts:
    • Times New Roman 12 pt.
    • Calibri 11 pt.
    • Ariel 11 pt.
    • Lucinda Sans Unicode 10 pt.
    • Georgia 11 pt.

As always double space everything.