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Creating a Flyer

Use Templates

The key to making a great flyer is, as one student told me, to “work smarter, not harder… use templates!” Templates take the hard work out of making an eye-catching poster. With a little bit of tweaking here and there you can change text, colors, and create something that is your own.


There are  a number of options available for making a flyer that don’t take much time or lots of skill. The flyer below took me about 10 minutes to make using Canva.

August hours Canva flyer

There is a premium version, but there is a lot you can do that is free. One nice Canva feature is that you can resize files and with the push of a button post to social media, e.g., Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, and Slack.

Google Docs

If you’re used to working in a Google environment try using a Google doc template to make a poster. Google products work well together. If you don’t like that template image it’s easy to change it. There’s not a lot of choice, but what is there is quite serviceable.

MS Word

There is always MS Word with many templates to choose from – at least 100 flyer options. If you’re happy making only minor edits MS Word is a fine choice.

Summing Up

Canva is the easiest most versatile flyer option. Google docs only has a few flyer templates, but you can be guaranteed to get a simple clean flyer. If you’re after “nearly all the work done for you,” then MS Word templates is an option to consider.