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Welcome to the Paperback Collection

You’ve probably passed by it a hundred times, but might not have noticed it. You may have looked up a book in the catalog and noticed a single letter for a call number, “What’s that all about?” you ask. This question usually generates a visit to the circulation or reference desks to find out where this single letter item lives.

Ah, yes – now I see! It’s here near the reference desk. Now that you’ve discovered where paperbacks are housed, you’ve just found there’s a whole bunch missing!

New Home, New Call Numbers

To make life easier for kids, parents, and grad students we’ve decided to interleaf the paperback collection with the juvenile fiction collection inside the children’s room. We’re also changing the location in the catalog to reflect their new home, and we are giving them a new call number, e.g., instead of “P” the new call number will be “JFP” like other items in juvenile fiction. We hope this post answers all of your paperback related queries. Happy reading everyone.