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Do We Have Access to JSTOR?

This question pops up every so often:

Do We have access to JSTOR by virtue of being a student of Bank Street. If so how do I access the JSTOR database. It does not seem obvious.

And, the short answer is, no – we don’t have access to JSTOR. Our database providers are EBSCOhost and ProQuest. Some confusion may arise from the fact that database companies occasionally make deals with each other to allow access to particular journal titles. So, yes it’s true you will see JSTOR mentioned in database records.


  1. The important part of the record is not the database name, but the journal title.
  2. The record does show JSTOR Journals as the database for this article, but it’s not useful information – my advice is to ignore it! You already have links to PDF Full Text and Send PDF to my Cloud.


If you really want to check that we don’t have JSTOR, go to the Library’s homepage search box, select Find Journals and type in the journal’s name (YC Young Children).

Use Find Journals

You won’t find JSTOR in the list of results, but you will find we have this resource:

  • in print from 1986–present
  • in Education Database (which is in really ProQuest), 2004–present
  • in two EBSCO databases Education Research Complete, and Education Source, 2007–present.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of overlap in coverage for this journal.