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EBSCO Discovery Service: New Look

The Library has upgraded to EBSCO’s new Discovery Service. It’s a lot less busy, and it’s more easier to find and save articles.

Where to Start

Start your search from the Library’s home page search box, make sure you have:

  1. logged in
  2. selected the “Search Everything” tab
  3. typed in a topic
  4. and, hit the magnifying glass

database search box

The Clutter Has Gone!

Welcome to a more minimalist interface. You still get the same results, but it’s a bit more easier on the eye. In this example, a Team Teaching search returns 102, 930 results and it’s organized by relevance. A good place to start is to check out the Research Starter, it gives an overview in layman’s terms of your topic.

database list of results
Filters Are on Your Right

In the past all of the delimiters were on the left – they have now moved to the right. To access available filters click All filters and then check and select facets of interest. Click Apply filters to make sure your list is one you want. Please note that Institutional repository only means Educate for us.

using database filters

Online Full Text

If you want to read something right now, click the Online full text button to read an eBook or a pdf.

ebooks and pdfs in database results

More to Come

We plan on writing more posts on EBSCO’s Discovery Service. We are excited about Projects and ways to share articles with others.