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EBSCO Discovery Service: Projects

In the past if you wanted to save articles to a folder it was quite a complicated affair. You would have to create an account inside EBSCO, and then login to that “add-on” account to use this feature. Today, it’s a snap, all you have to do is add items to a project!

Welcome to Projects

Once you are signed into EBSCO’s Discovery Service (hint: use the library’s homepage search-box to get in) you are also signed into MyEBSCO. You can save items by using the bookmark icon or click the three vertical dots and add them to a project.

You can add items to an existing project or create a new one.

EBSCO Discovery Service Projects

To review projects and (saved articles) click the Overview tab.

 EBSCO Discovery Service Projects

If you just want to look at projects, there’s a tab for that! It’s easy to see how many projects you have, it’s also quite simple to edit and delete projects.

EBSCO Discovery Service Projects

Try Projects

We think Projects is a great way to collect resources, and keep them organized in one place.