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From Berlin to Bank Street Library


My name is Alina. I’m from Berlin, Germany and I’m here at Bank Street Library for an internship. In 2015 I did my master’s degree in media studies. After two years of working in online marketing I decided to study again. So I started to study library information science at the FH Potsdam. Potsdam is very close to Berlin. It’s a one hour trip by train from where I live to the FH (University of Applied Science).

potsdam university germany

When the decision was made to study again I was determined to do everything different then compared to my studies before. I wanted to focus more on my aims. That means that it was always my dream to move to the USA and I know that it is not easy. So to make a first step I decided to make an internship abroad. So here I’m taking my first step hopefully in the right direction.

Besides fulfilling my dream and studying, I like to go to the gym, listen to music, I love to watch horror movies, and I like to read books.