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Google Scholar: 2024 Update

Bank Street College of Education is included in Google Scholar. When you use Google Scholar at Bank Street you will find the following library access links have been pre-selected:

  • Open WorldCat – Library Search

But, to make Google Scholar super useful on your own device, do the following:

  1. Go to your Google Scholar start page
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Library links
  4. Type Bank Street College of Education in the search box
    • Check Bank Street College of Education – Full-Text @ Bank Street
    • Check BANK STREET COLLEGE OF EDUCATION – ProQuest Fulltext
    • Check Open WordCat – Library Search
  5. Make sure you save your settings.

Now, you are ready to search!

Conducting a Search

Google Scholar conducts a search by looking through the world wide web and our Publications list (Find Journals) and returns a list of results. If we have access to an article through our databases, one or both of these links will appear on the right-hand side of your screen:

  • Full-Text @ Bank Street
  • ProQuest Fulltext

When you click the link you will be directed back to our full text resources.

Google Scholar Features We Like

We think Google Scholar does a pretty good job of creating citations. Look for the quotation marks symbol under the abstract and copy the APA 7th citation entry. We also like the Cited by feature. The higher the number is an indication of the article’s popularity (an indication that you should probably read it).

Error Messages

If you get any error messages for a particular journal article, please copy and paste the error message into an email and send it to Some errors are easily fixed.