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How to Check Your Print Balance

Towards the end of each semester students often want to know how much is left on their PaperCut accounts. Here are the steps you need to take to find out.


It’s relatively easy to get started on a MAC. All you need to do is click details in the PaperCut pop-up box.

PaperCut MAC pop-up box


On a PC you may have to activate the PaperCut pop-up box first. Look for a small triangle on the bottom right of your screen. Click on the PaperCut icon.

activate PaperCut PC pop-up box

Enter Your Bank Street Credentials

Type in your full Bank Street email account and the password, and log in.

PaperCut pop-up credentials

Check Your Balance

The summary on the left shows: your balance, how many print jobs you’ve completed, and how many pages you’ve printed. There are some interesting Environmental Impact facts which might help you to decide whether that article really needs to be printed (or perhaps saved to your Google drive). Don’t forget to log out when you’re done (top right of your screen).

PaperCut check your balance

If Your Balance Is Low

Come to the circulation desk and top-up your account.

Things to Remember

  • Each semester students are given a print allowance of $13.50 (Summer 1 & 2 are counted as one semester).
  • All print jobs are $0.10 a page
  • Printing on both sides is greener but not cheaper
  • Our copiers are defaulted to color
  • If your job does not print, come and tell us straight away
  • Emailing your scan is free!