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Last year we surveyed our graduate school faculty. We asked them about their levels of comfort (or frustration) with accessing the following:

  • renewing books online
  • accessing databases from home,
  • electronic reserves (eReserves)

We noted that although most respondents were satisfied and able to get jobs done, we felt that gaining access to online resources could be both secure without the annoyance factor of trying to remember which login to use.

Over the summer break a few things changed! And, we’re happy to say that life in the Library just got a lot easier. We are in a transition period so there are still a couple of things that need to be ironed-out.

Renewing Books Online

If you are a new student your password will be your Bank Street email address, e.g., and your generic first-time password will be changeme. We suggest you change it to something that’s super easy for you to remember – you could even change it to your Bank Street email password!

If you are an existing student you will know all about your 14 digit library issued barcode – it still works with the generic password changeme, but if you would like us to update your credentials to your Bank Street email address come see us at the circulation desk (takes about 5 seconds).

Accessing Databases From Home

All you need to know about logging into the databases off-campus are your Bank Street email address and associated password. No more having to find your ID badge and the barcode on the back, no more drama if you lose your ID and need to get a new barcode. Here is what one faculty member said:

Thank you for all you did to allow us to log into the library from home with our email and password! It makes things so very much easier.

Electronic Reserves (eReserves)

Just like accessing databases from home you need your Bank Street email address and associated password to get into the system. You also need a password provided by your instructor.

We’re not quite there with single sign-on, so it’s best to check in with the HelpDesk folks 212-875-4642.